Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Train Party.

For our son's second birthday party we chose a train theme. The original idea was to hold it at a park that has a big train as the jungle gym. Due to unpredictable weather conditions in the month of April (rain) we ended up switching the location to our house at the last minute because of mud. Can you just picture toddlers bogging around? It was challenging finding places in our house for decorations that I had envisioned for a totally different location. 

The birthday boy wore a train shirt that we purchased from Gymboree. I rehung the birthday banner from his first birthday. In our kitchen we have a chalkboard on the side of our counter, so I drew a birthday message on it. I had meticulously cut out train silhouettes that were originally to be the center pieces for picnic tables at the train park. Instead I lined them up on our counter near the food.


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