Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Different Kind Of Party.

What do you do when your husband isn't one to enjoy a big party, and he's turning thirty? You throw him one weekend full of surprises!  And leading up to the big day, you give him a note declaring your love along with a gift for each day.

You can even misspell the word "thirty" into "thirthy" which means there's an extra gift to give! I tried my best to cater to what my birthday celebrant would want to do for his birthday. So this is not your average birthday party.

The day before his birthday we (as in my two kids and I and my husband) drove four hours to take him to hear his favorite band. And we drove back that same night. He was competing for "Biggest Loser" at his school, so he didn't want to waver too much on his strict (vegetarian) diet, so birthday menu and where we would go out to eat was planned accordingly.

One really easy way to dress up any plate is to pipe a greeting in icing on the edge. Birthday cereal brought to him in bed with his green tea. He took the day off from work, and we spent it together - going out for lunch, watching a movie, running around town trying to kill time before dinner where the real surprise was dinner that evening with all the members in his band with their drummer flying in from New York as a complete surprise.

The biggest surprise was that the next evening we had planned for their band to play a show! Surprise followed by more surprises for my husband!

Also in his birthday weekend, was a night of bowling (complete with a banana trophy), thirty gifts on his actual birthday (a little thing we started with each other when it comes to those "significant" birthdays), going to the movies, surprise cupcakes at the show their band played at, and his wife (that's me) got to come out to the show as well (a huge thing for me, since at the time I was nursing our youngest child, and I'd never left her over night with someone else). Happy Thirtieth Birthday to the love of my life!!!   

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