Saturday, May 28, 2011

Strawberry & Pinwheel Party - Activities.

For our two year old strawberry & pinwheel party I made the little girls floral head wreaths and ribbon wands with ribbon and flowers I picked up from the Dollar Tree. Keeping the guest list small was key to making this a successful, stress-free party. For the two boys who were at the party, I made hats out of recycled newspaper and gave them a plastic recorder to make music on while the little girls twirled.

All the kids played with the child-friendly decorations. And unplanned by me, they thought their food that came wrapped up in a brown paper bag was a present, and had so much fun opening it up and seeing what was inside!

There was a live soft bunny that was brought inside for the kids to pet, and then it was bubble time! We purchased two bubble machines and they were the highlight of the party for the kids!

Photos taken by Courtney Burge.

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