Monday, June 6, 2011

Liturgical Arts Week - Scavenger Hunt.

It's officially summer time, and time for a week of "camp". First United Methodist Church in downtown Conway, is hosting a week of Liturgical Arts. The first day the children visited different downtown churches looking at examples of architectural features, and drew them out in their notebooks. To go along with the day's architectural scavenger hunt theme, we provided a snack time scavenger hunt.

Each child received their own bowl and had to find specific snacks inside. The list included 3 gummy worms, 7 gold fish, 4 animal crackers, Oreos, and two apple slices. The apple slices were pretty hard to miss! We used photos from each of the churches the children looked at as part of the labels. And since the children were taking pictures of architectural details on the churches, what better way than to use a photograph as the snack time scavenger list!?!!

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