Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Vendor Challenge) - A Bridal Shower.

I was so excited when Chris over at Celebrations At Home hosted a Vendor Challenge. I knew right away I wanted to participate. Our submission was featured today, so now I am able to blog about the details on our site as well. You know how I love branches... so I chose to do the shoot underneath this huge tree. I loved how the only guidelines Chris gave us was the color scheme. It was so much fun to just run with any idea that came to mind. Here is some of what I sent to Chris: As soon as I read “pink and orange” I thought of orange Crush bottles and “I’ve got a crush on you” popped into my head as well. I based my whole design concept around that – so I went with a bridal theme. We partnered with Jessica Moody of Jessica Ann Photography and Buddy Cox of Southland Nursery & Landscaping.

All photos taken by Jessica Ann Photography.

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