Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bridal Shower Love.

We helped a friend out who was hosting a bridal shower for another person who goes to our same church. When I went over to their house to discuss what the general theme and feel of the shower would be, we decided to base it off of this beautiful tablecloth the hostess had picked up from World Market. For this event, we used custom monogram printables that we got from The Wedding Chicks. We spray painted branches white, and handcrafted yellow pom-poms which were attached to the branches and then used throughout the party space. We also handcrafted white flowers for the backdrops of the drink and picture station. White pom-pom fringe was also used throughout the decor as well. Our personal serving platters were lent to the shower as well, using a number of galvanized pieces. A custom picture frame made out of the yarn from the yellow pom-poms held one of the custom monogram printables as well. Babies breath and milk glass pieces contributed to the spring feel of the bridal shower.

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  1. Love how you kept everything white and bright, to really set off that lovely table cloth!


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