Thursday, July 12, 2012

Party Tips - Lillian & Janice.

When we think of hospitality, I know someone must immediately come to your mind. For each of us, that person is different. For me, I see my mom and my sister-in-law. Both ladies have taught me that being a good hostess does not mean having to set the perfect table or to serve the perfect meal. They have taught me that being a good hostess is giving selflessly of themselves, and focusing on the needs of their guests. They both focus on who their guest is, getting to know their guest's life experiences rather than what the place setting looks like. When our family travels to visit my brother and his wife, she always sets up a space in our bedroom with fresh fruit, snacks, and tea (complete with a device to heat water in) should we need something after everyone else has gone to bed in the evening. Thoughtfulness. Hospitality. This past time when we all got together at my parent's house, the two of us were heating up leftover mashed potatoes. My sister-in-law mentioned she likes to serve leftover mashed potatoes in individual ramekin dishes topped with grated cheese (Think twice baked potatoes). What a cute way to serve leftovers and make your guests feel special at the same time with individual serving dishes. My mother taught me organization. Today she is impressed by the lists I make which are so similar to hers. My mom taught me that having a written out menu alleviates a lot of unnecessary stress. Once your menu is on paper, you can build from there. A grocery list develops. It's easier to take note of which food item you could prepare ahead of time, and which items should be left till the very end.

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