Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boy Baby Shower.

I would have to say that my favorite part about styling an event is simply seeing it all come together. You've all heard the old adage said before, "necessity is the mother of invention". And it truly is. This was a fun baby shower to style. The color scheme was blue and green and the design concept left pretty much up to us. Several years ago, I had purchased the blue, green, and brown polka dot gift wrap paper from a school fundraiser with the idea it would look great for a party. You all know the type of fundraiser I'm referring to. You've all probably purchased your own share of frozen cookie dough buckets and gift wrap paper as well.

My original intention was to use the gift wrap as the backdrop to the food table. However, after using it for the past several years, I didn't quite have enough. And that turned out to be such a great thing! I wrapped just one section of the backdrop and added pinwheels to the other side. The leftover gift wrap was used to make drink tags and another pinwheel for our baby onesie clothes line.

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