Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras. Shrove Tuesday.

It's even known as Fat Tuesday. The day before the long fast for Lent begins. The day before Ash Wednesday. What is Shrove Tuesday? I asked the same thing as I wasn't aware of Shrove Tuesday before this year. It is a term not used much outside of Liturgical circles. The night when you eat richer, fattier foods before the season of Lent. We celebrated the holiday with our church family, eating a pancake supper together and having pancake races. (Not pancake eating races.) Why are pancakes associated with Shrove Tuesday, you might ask? As a way to use up your eggs, milk, and sugar which are considered "richer" ingredients. Members of our congregation from young to old celebrated in true Mardi Gras style by donning festive masks and throw beads in the bright green, purple, and gold colors. Our church had even ordered two King Cakes from a bakery in New Orleans, and two people were crowned King and Queen for the evening after they found the little plastic baby.

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  1. The traditions of Mardi Gras are pretty fascinating, aren't they? And fun, too!


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