Friday, April 12, 2013

Dino-Mite Party - Kid Friendly Activities.

For the six year old dinosaur party, we planned out several organized activities for the kids to do. The first activity included making dinosaur fossils out of coffee play-dough that we stored in glass jars for the kids. The kids chose a jar, rolled out their coffee play-dough, and pressed small plastic dinosaurs into the the dough which we then baked during the duration of the party.

Another dinosaur activity we had the kids do was to make a stegosaurus using their hand print. Using their hand, their thumb was the head, their palm the body, and their fingers the four legs of the stegosaurus. We cut triangles out of card stock before the party that the kids could easily glue to the bodies of the hand print stegosaurus. Plastic googly eyes completed their dinosaur. 

Fun boxes made using designs from our Cameo Silhouette held various crafting supplies. The kids were read the book "Dinosaur Roar" by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. They also participated in a dinosaur dance, where they would dance like various dinosaurs. 

And as wonderful as organized activities are for birthday parties, the kids always seem to enjoy free play on the playground equipment the best!

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