Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dino-Mite Party - Table Details.

Can you say dinosaur's galore?!?!! That's how we decorated our dinosaur dessert table for our six year old birthday party. We picked up plastic dinosaurs from the dollar section of Target, and also from the Dollar Tree. We pulled party props used in previous parties from storage. Grass in cans from our cowboy party two years ago got a facelift and created the perfect dinosaur setting. We purchased two wooden crates from Michael's craft store, which instantly created the height we needed for our table.


Using our Ikea picture frames, we custom printed off letters to create the word "RAWR". The other crate held our candy display along with another dinosaur. We also made dinosaur picks using our Cameo Silhouette. These we used to decorate our tea glasses with, as well as the cupcakes. We pulled tree stumps from our fairy party a year ago out of storage, and used them as pedestals to display our cupcakes and cake on.


  1. This is a unique party theme dear and I think arranging stuff for this party will be really easy but I do not want to arrange party at home. So I was wondering can you also suggest me some good party venues in Houston.

    1. We're sorry, Drew Watts, but we are not familiar with the Houston area. Would you like to have the party in Hong Kong instead :)


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