Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liturgical Arts Week - Day Two.

This week the kids are making various liturgical crafts. One of the things they have made is a Spirit kite. The kids made their Spirit kites out of white craft foam cut in the shape of a dove. We glued red and white ribbons from the tail of the dove and attached the doves by the beak to a wooden dowel that allows the kids to make figure eights in the air with the illusion that their doves are flying. It's a beautiful sight to see the red and white ribbons trailing behind the dove.

We wanted to incorporate activities that the kids were doing into our snack as well. Using our Silhouette Cameo, we cut out white paper doves and put them on top of a Kellog's Rice Krispies treat. We used strawberry Twizzlers to recreate the idea of red streamers coming off of the the white dove.

We used coordinating scrapbook paper to tie our look together on the bottles of water and tags for the top of each snack. Laying each snack and drink out in one long row makes it easy for the kids to quickly grab and go, alleviating the need for a long line of hungry kids.

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