Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello July! You're A Good Month For A Picnic.

The weather is hot and humid here in Myrtle Beach. We don't have much longer till we get on that jet plane and fly over the ocean to Hong Kong. Evenings on the beach with the sun setting are perfect backdrops for picnics and a refreshing dip in the Atlantic.


Our picnic consisted of seasonal fresh fruit. Peaches, strawberries, and blueberries. We used disposable wooden cutlery that we purchased from Belinda over at The Party Garden and tied them together using some raffia. We packed a bottle of San Pellegrino into the picnic basket as well.

Chicken salad sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper and tied with the same raffia. Fresh flowers adds a charming element to this picnic. We used a wood Pepsi crate to anchor down our picnic blanket. The crate also acted as a table, providing a level board to put the food on.


This was the quintessential way to welcome the month of July. It was lovely to sit on the deserted beach and watch our children splash around in the waves. The heat was no longer sweltering and there was a delightful breeze softly blowing.

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