Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello Kitty Party - Activities For Kids.

We set up a small craft center for the children to participate in during the party. We've thrown parties and attended parties where sometimes the organized craft/game stations work, and sometimes the kids who are attending just aren't interested in them. However, this time around, the kids were really involved with every activity we had planned.

I made each child a little party bag that held their materials to make hair bows and also doubled as their party favor bag to take home. Tomorrow I will do a post on what we put into their bag.

As we waited for all the party guests to arrive, I had the children start on coloring pages that we had printed off from the internet. There are plenty of online sources, but you can find some by clicking right here {source}. We also designed our own little packets for the crayons that the kids used to color with it.

My friend, Meg, gave us the cutest Hello Kitty cookie cutters. These have got to be some of the cutest Hello Kitty cookies out there! I love how she sits up. We gave the kids an icing bag full of pink icing, and a couple jars of sprinkles for them to decorate their Hello Kitties with.

Our final activity for the children was to paint their fingernails. I was walking through Toys R Us and came across the cutest Hello Kitty nail polish. It came as a set of three with a large Hello Kitty figurine that we actually used as our cake topper. My daughter was super excited to get to paint her fingernails with her friends at her birthday party!

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