Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pretty Pumpkins.

Thanksgiving is later than normal this year, and while we still have a pumpkin sitting out on our porch, we're also excited about the next holiday. There seem to be two types of people in this world... ones who decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving and ones who wait until after Thanksgiving to get ready for Christmas. In our house we definitely are ones who decorate before Thanksgiving but wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate our live tree. 

As we think about Thanksgiving, we make lists of all the good things in our life. We're thankful for each one of you who support our small business and encourage us along the way, whether it's simply following us on Instagram, liking our pictures, sharing our work, and reaching out to us through messages, each interaction with you is greatly appreciated.  We're thankful for the growth our family has made over the past year and a half since we've moved back to the Myrtle Beach area. Thankful for all the people we've met and the positive impact they have had on our lives. We're very thankful for friends we knew before we left and the strong support system they continue to give us even after the years we were gone from the area, they are the reminder of why we chose to move back to this area. And finally, we look ahead with excitement to what's in store for us in the coming year. We're so grateful for new doors that are opening for us and we step out in faith and boldness. 

Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you! We hope you get to eat a slice of your favorite pie. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Pampas Grass & Pink Pumpkins.

This year our fall centerpiece contains a mix of pink and white pumpkins, pink carnations, baby's breath, and pampas grass. We love the fullness that pampas grass provides. We started off by laying down the pampas grass for our base. Then we started layering the baby's breath at random intervals among the pampas grass. 

We took the mini pumpkins that we had painted pink and the white pumpkins and placed them in the center of our arrangement. Painting orange pumpkins pink was a simple procedure of applying just a couple coats. We kept the white pumpkins their original color and I love their natural stem adding color to the centerpiece. 

Pink carnations finished off the look of our centerpiece, which we tucked into the arrangement in random places. The flowers were the perfect filler for any holes to help make the arrangement fuller.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Pampas Grass Trend.

Here in South Carolina, we are surrounded by pampas grass. It's commonly used in landscaping for homes and businesses around our area. Mandy Moore seemed to have kicked off the pampas grass trend when she used it to decorate for her dreamy wedding. And we're finally finding ways to embrace it in our events as well. Some of the wonderful things about pampas grass are that it provides so much fullness which can be used in arches at the end of an aisle, used to line the aisle that the bride walks down to meet her groom, and used to add fullness to any table centerpiece. The stalks are so long as well, which makes it easy to cut them down to the size that you need them for. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

It's Getting Batty In Here.

Thanks to our friend, Jenny, for coming up with that creative title on Instagram! To add some holiday decor to our home, we hand cut a couple dozen bats out of black construction paper and added a big impact to our wall. We've found that a pack of construction paper can go a long way in adding decorations to any party. For our bats, we used two different sizes. We placed the larger size closer to the floor and the smaller bats further up on the wall as they are flying off!

We purchased some skulls from Target and spray painted them white to help them blend in with the other decor of our home. Placing them around white and pink pumpkins, add the perfect holiday spook to our home. We took mini orange pumpkins and painted with a couple coats of pink paint that we had in our supply closet.

Cute little inexpensive ways to add holiday decor to your home!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bat Cake.

This simple cake would add a strong impact to your Halloween party! The bats are cut out of black construction paper and applied with a little dot of buttercream icing to help them stick to the cake. We used three different sizes of bats to add depth to the blank white canvas. Another tip we have is to make sure you add an odd number of bats to your cake because we all know that odd numbers are better than even when it comes to design!
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