Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blue & Brown Baby Shower.

I recently hosted a surprise baby shower for a friend of mine. It was her second child and another boy. The location of the shower was held at a small bistro in town. For favors to the guests, I gave everyone a small glass jar of Almond Joy bits to go along with the blue and brown theme. I made tags and cupcake wrappers that coordinated with each other. (I sure wish I had a Cricut!) The glass jars I bought from Michael's Craft store. They came with the "thank you" tags, I just added the brown and blue paper.

One of my crafty friends made the cute corsage for me. I gave her the socks and told her what I had in mind, and she put it all together! I figured our table at the bistro would actually be several tables pushed together, so to make the space look more unified I brought along a white tablecloth to lay down. At the shower we played two little games. I had put together a little card (using the same blue and brown card stock) at each place setting that asked each guest questions about themselves and how they knew the Mama of honor. We also played the "guess how many diaper pins are in the bottle". Back when we were pregnant with our first child and I had great aspirations of doing old school cloth diapers (not modern day "G" diapers - but cloth and plastic pants diapers) I had bought diaper pins by the handful. I didn't realize until after I had given birth that you really only needed one pack of four since you just use the same ones over and over again.



  1. I love this because I'm organizing a blue-brown shower for my friend in July! so cool! I like the almond joy idea. I'm stealing that one :)

  2. Great! Glad I could help you there!


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