Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue's Clues Games.

I had set up different stations for the kids since we had varying ages attend the party.
  • We had a ring toss station. I recycled tin cans and wrapped scrapbook paper with a dog theme around the cans. The idea was to toss the ring around the cans to see which cans had a paw print underneath. Since my son was turning three, there were three paw prints hidden under three different cans.
  • There was a bucket full of plastic balls and the idea was that each child had to dig through the balls to find three different balls with a paw print painted on it.
  • We had a face painting station where kids were able to have a paw print painted on their cheek.
  • I drew a large picture of Blue on poster board and each child had three chances to pin the paw on Blue.
  • Each child was given a personalized favor bucket as soon as they came to the party. Inside their bucket was a personalized plastic cup, utensils, and a plate. They were also given a Handy Dandy notebook with a pack of crayons, a chocolate lollipop of a paw print, and a pack that they could glue together their own Blue face.
  • The Handy Dandy notebook that came in their favor bucket was used to figure out what Blue wanted to do next after all the games had been played and it was time to eat. We had clues laid out throughout the party shelter. One was placed on the utensils, another was taped to a man's stomach, and the final clue was on the food table. The kid's figured out that Blue wanted to eat.

Photos taken by Courtney Burge.

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