Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink & Green First Birthday Party Food.

Pink and green. I tried to keep the menu centered around those colors. Since my daughter was turning one, and we were having a tea party theme and menu, we kept the guest list small and didn't invite other kids, just family. A month after she was born, we were visiting family in Kansas and my aunt and cousin threw all the females in our family a tea party I included two items we ate at that party. I also incorporated the teacups we drank from at the first tea party. For food we served:
  • Fruit tarts using fresh kiwi and raspberries
  • Green Granny Smith apples with a toffee dip
  • Green grapes
  • Pretzels dipped in pink chocolate
  • Pink meringue drops
  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with bacon (this was a menu item my aunt and cousin's tea party)
  • Spinach tortilla wraps (this was a menu item my aunt and cousin's tea party)
  • I renamed pink and green M&M's to E&E's 
  • Rotisserie chicken salad croissant 

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