Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Tour Of Our Home.


I affectionately refer to our home as a cottage. At Christmas time it is always referred to as "our Christmas cottage". It is small. With three kids, we are rapidly outgrowing our home. Christmas is definitely my personal favorite time of the year, and basically the only holiday I decorate for.


This year I had the urge to change out all of our Christmas decorations. Go neutral. No red. White spray paint became my new best friend! And with three kids and really only have one income coming into the house, I needed to create everything on a very tight budget. As I was walking through Home Goods, I came across an idea. White silhouettes. I took that one idea and ran with it. Grey was my complimentary color with green as my accent. I made slipcovers for our couch pillows, made matching stockings for each family member, changed out pictures in picture frames we already had hanging up, and shopped our house. I pulled out a lot of white items that I had used for parties.

We actually have a tree up in every room of the house, so a total of five trees for our little house. One of my favorite things to do after the Christmas season is over, is to find decorations on clearance. This year it was so much fun to make the decorations.

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