Monday, March 19, 2012

Party Tips - Finding Inspiration.

When it comes to designing a party or an event, inspiration sometimes comes from the most unusual places! Usually budget plays a big part in the whole concept. Whether it's a party I throw myself, or an event designed for a client, how much the host/hostess is willing to invest in the occasion determines which direction the design concept goes. Inspiration for me has come from display windows I've seen walking down King Street in Charleston, to small shops in South Port, NC. For example, the following picture is a design element that I saw in Charleston. The glass container filled with a sheet of tissue paper. As soon as I saw it in a shop window, I knew I could reuse the same idea as a balloon weight for the Blue's Clues birthday party we threw back in 2010. I already had the jars, and it added the necessary pop of color to the whole theme.  

Of course, inspiration is always easily found on the internet. There are great design sites out there for parties and events, as well as the ever popular Pinterest. Since we have been designing parties for several years now, we've built up a personal supply of scrapbook paper, craft paper, material, and other various design elements. It's been a fun personal challenge of mine to incorporate what we have into the parties that I design for our close friends and family members. There's something I find personally rewarding in using what we have, and designing decorations around what already is, and in so doing, cutting back on what might be added to landfills. So look around you, inspiration for your next event may literally be right before your very eyes!!! I challenge you to think outside of the box.

(Photo credit: Courtney Burge.)

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