Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Party Tips - Less Is More.

We all know that when it comes to decorations for a party, it's all in the details. But I also go by the general rule of thumb that "less is more". I have designed numerous parties where I have not utilized every decoration available to me. Even if that item was made or purchased specifically for that particular party. One fun thing about being an event designer with an eclectic and shabby chic style, is that I never know exactly how the party will look until I actually get everything placed. Of course as a designer, I have the general idea of how the event will look, but it's always a surprise till the very end. And since it's a surprise, sometimes I end up with decorations that go along with the theme and feel of the event, but just don't fit in the party space. So I don't force it. If I cannot find a place for the item, I take it away and put it in storage for another event. Just because you have it, does not mean you need to feel obligated to use it. Especially if it interrupts the visual flow of the party.

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