Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower.

First rule of thumb when planning an event is always have a back up plan. Or several. This was a shower where there were a lot of unforeseen events that took place before it happened to cause me to go from one plan to another and then to another! What was supposed to be an outside garden shower, turned into an inside shower when the weather was rainy. So we brought as much as we could in, and decorated with what we had.

Thrift stores are absolutely my favorite place to purchase party supplies. I got the large dresser mirror for less than five dollars, painted the frame blue and the mirror in chalkboard paint. This is a project I've used in the past as well.


Since the shower was a kitchen/recipe themed shower, all guests were requested to bring in a personal favorite recipe along with their gift for the bride. I created a fun little recipe for marriage as well, which I wrote out on the board.

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