Thursday, May 24, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party - The Kid Table.

We set up a special table for the children. Originally the party was to be held outside, but here in Myrtle Beach it rained for several weeks straight. That meant muddy yards. I could just image what both the lawn and the kids would look like by the end of the two hour party. As a result, we brought the party inside and created smaller eating spaces for the children that attended.

We picked up fairy wings from Target and recovered them to go along with the feel we were trying to create for the party. Each girl also received a matching skirt to wear with her wings. We gave out puzzles to each child as party favors and used strips of material as the ribbon. Gluing butterflies to the packaged tied it all together.

What woodland/fairy/butterfly party would be complete without pixie dust? And of course each pixie got their own wand as well.

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  1. Such a sweet theme! The tiny paper butterflies that "landed" on the presents are such a precious touch. :-)


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