Friday, July 20, 2012

40th Anniversary Celebration.

While we were out of the country on vacation, we styled a 40th Anniversary Celebration for a special couple. We set up a display table and used a chalkboard to write out fun and important dates of the couple's dating relationship.

On the display table, we featured a few framed wedding photos as well as the couple's wedding album. We also displayed the wedding headpiece the bride wore and the tie of the groom from 40 years ago.

When I first thought about a design concept for this event, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the very trendy Chevron stripe that is so popular today into an event that was celebrating so many years.  We created two Chevron striped backdrops using ruffled crepe paper streamers, as well as a heart backdrop.

I custom made a big 40 backdrop using black and white pictures of the couple throughout the years. For their wedding, the couple had used red roses for their bridal boutonniere's and bouquet's, so we based our color scheme from that as well.

There was plenty of good food to be eaten at the anniversary celebration! If you're throwing a party or event, one big way to save on cost is to make the food yourself instead of having it catered out. That's what this family did. They made all of the food, from cutting cheese, making dips, rolling meatballs, and slicing fruit. Then the family served it themselves, making sure platters were kept filled and fresh for their guests that attended.


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