Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheerwine Punch.

Have you ever heard of the drink "Cheerwine"? It's a drink that has it's roots from the south. Specifically North Carolina. It is a drink that was created in 1917. And apparently it is a legend. You can read more about this unique beverage here, and even find out where you can experience it! One of my clients introduced me to this particular punch recipe, and we used it for the 40th Wedding Anniversary we styled. We chose this particular punch because of its fun red color. The name may be misleading, as there is no actual "wine" in the punch. Completely nonalcoholic, and safe to serve to minors.

Cheerwine Punch

3   2L bottles of Cheerwine
2   46oz pineapple juice
Chill. Makes 36 cups. (I chilled everything in their separate containers and did not open the bottles of Cheerwine until I served them to ensure full carbonation!)

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