Wednesday, August 8, 2012

American Idol with Elise Testone.

Last night we attended the American Idol concert in Charleston, SC. We had an unexpected change of plans, and I ended up having to leave my husband with two sick kids in the hotel room in downtown Charleston while I went with our friend and his parents. We enjoyed preshow cocktails with Elise's parents in the hotel lobby right next to the colosseum where American Idol was performing.  I was completely biased in my photography and only took pictures when Heejun Han and Elise Testone were on stage. I had to grab this cute photo of the two of them when it came up on the big screen.

We had been given backstage passes and stood in a line with other friends of Elise to see her after the show. I was super excited when my other favorite idol, Heejun came up to the room as well and I was able to grab a picture with him! (Albeit a very blurry photo with some stranger photo bombing us!)

I want to apologize for all the blurry photographs! I did not have the right lens on my camera and between my friend and I, we had the camera on the wrong setting!!!

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