Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your Questions.

I love hearing from each and everyone of you, my readers. I also get questions regarding parties, and I thought it'd be fun to share some of my responses so you can each benefit from it as well! So we've started a new series of blog posts with your questions and our answers!   

Hi Julie.

I was wondering if I could "pick your brain" (which is a terrible expression, isn't it?) about decorating ideas. I am in charge of decorations for the Woman's Conference. Our theme is "come away with me". When I thought about the theme, it made me think about the old hymn about "coming to the garden alone" basically to "come away" with God. One thought I had was a Garden theme.(Every year they set up the stage with decorations and I was thinking of getting plants and maybe a little chair with a small table and a Bible on it like a garden escape). When I told the committee, they loved the idea, but now I am at a loss for how to do it on a very tight budget. I guess my question is: do you have any immediate ideas for a tasteful garden idea (I've loved looking at all the parties you have done). Any ideas would be helpful. I usually need some inspiration, and then I can run with it. I don't want it to be too "theme-y". Each of the cabins usually have something in the way of decorating on a table in their room and then there will be the registration table, and some of the ladies are even thinking something for each of the tables we eat at... We shall see. Anyway, I would LOVE any advice. Thanks so much! 


 Hello Kim! My advice on doing a garden themed party on a budget is to look around you. Shop your home and have your friends shop their homes. Or you shop their homes. Think outside of the box as to what can be incorporated into a garden themed design to be used as props. Things like bird cages, even old books, vintage suitcases or bags... You just want to make sure that everything flows and is cohesive which can be hard if you're getting a bunch of random stuff from different homes. I always use the rule of thumb, that just because you have it does not mean you have to use it. You could also use random recycled glass drinking bottles with the labels taken off and have a single bloom or something green in each bottle. Cluster or line three to five (always use odd numbers) of them up together. They can be placed in cabin  rooms and on the sign in table. This way it will tie the whole look together from one location to another. If you wanted to decorate the bottles you could tie a neutral colored fabric around the bottles. Hope this helps you some. Let me know if you need more help!!!

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  1. Great tips on how to pull a look together when using the "shop your/their home" approach!


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