Thursday, September 6, 2012


You've all heard of pancakes. And most likely you've heard of crepes. Have you heard of flincin? My mom has a German heritage, and we ate flincin growing up.


3            Eggs
1 1/4 C  Milk
3/4 C     Flour 
1 Tbsp   Sugar
1/2 tsp   Salt
1 Tbsp   Oil

Beat eggs till thick. Add milk. Sift dry ingredients and add to eggs. Beat together. Add oil. Fry in hot griddle that is oiled, then don't add anymore oil. 

Batter will be runny to make paper thin "pancakes". Serve with fresh fruit, whipped cream, or your favorite topping. My favorite topping?!?? I love rolling my flincin up in shredded cheddar cheese. (That's my father's Dutch heritage coming out in me!)

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