Monday, April 15, 2013

Dino-Mite Party - The Cake.

I have a confession. We didn't make the cake. We made a cake... we actually made two cakes and could never quite get the layers to stand without looking like the leaning tower of Pisa. So after a lot of fussing with the cake, adding layer of icing on top of layers of existing icing in the hopes that it would stand up straight and proud, I finally gave up and sent my two personal assistants to the grocery store at 11:30 the night before the party. And there they picked out this fabulous cake which was perfectly iced and standing up beautifully. A quick transfer of the purchased cake to our green cake stand, and it was looking delicious.

To add a personal touch to our grocery store purchased cake, I created the word "six" in letters which our Cameo Silhouette cut out for me. Then I glued the letters to wooden picks that we also used for the cupcakes. We did make and ice the cupcakes. Those don't seem to lean as easily as a multiple layered cake does!

Custom cupcake holders and cupcake toppers were made with the Cameo Silhouette. If you can't already tell, we love using our Silhouette. Makes event design so much quicker.

To create a more rustic and rugged feel to our dinosaur dessert table, we reused the tree trunks from our fairy butterfly party as our cupcake stands. The brown grass strategically placed around the base of the trunks completes the look we were trying to achieve.


  1. Your Silhouette cutouts are wonder you love it! And by the way, your cake stand is so pretty!

  2. Thank you! It sure beats out on having to cut things out by hand! The cake stand was purchased from Home Goods.


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