Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simple Summer Entertaining.

It's summer time again. A season where fresh fruit is at it's best. A season for harvesting vegetables from your own garden. Warmer weather. And for us in South Carolina that means muggy weather. Longer evenings with more sunlight. This all boils down to a great time for entertaining in the backyard with the pool. Grilling outside. Grilling those garden vegetables and that fresh fruit. By definition, the word "entertaining" when used as an adjective means, "serving to entertain or give pleasure, diverting, amusing". Similar words are "enjoyable, pleasing, funny, charming, and cheering". So here's to several months of summer entertaining. It doesn't have to be fancy. There can be no fuss involved. I always try to keep cheerful paper napkins in stock. Quickly lay down a charming tablecloth on top of your picnic table and you've established the tone for the evening. Keep a caddy handy to separate utensils. A cutting of fresh flowers from your garden beautifully arranged in a vase or jar to put on your picnic table adds the perfect touch. These are just a few ideas for putting together an enjoyable and fun evening with friends.  

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