Monday, September 23, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2009.

As you can tell, we enjoy picking our costumes based on a family theme. This year our daughter is visibly in the picture! We had gotten her costume the year before from the children's clothing store, Gymboree. It's difficult to tell from this photo, but her little costume was a purple fairy costume. I wanted to design around her's, so our son was a frog. My husband was a fly. I was a lily pad. Using the same technique as I used when making last years spider costume, I made my husband gigantic wings (that you can barely see behind him). I made my son's frog costume except for his hat. I purchased his frog hat off of Etsy. His frog costume was fairly easy to make. I took a green sweatsuit and sewed felt circles all over it. Then I cut out frog shaped hands and feet out of the same felt and sewed them to the end. I knit a long red "tongue" that we attached to my husband to mimic a frog catching a fly!  

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