Monday, November 4, 2013

An Introduction To My Home.

The weekend before Halloween, I got the urge to decorate our house for Christmas. I took last year off from doing any kind of Christmas decorating because we were going to be out of the country for the holiday.  There is nothing worse than coming back from vacation and having to take down little lights, pack away ornaments, or take out a dead Fraser fir Christmas tree. Typically my husband would love it if I waited till after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations, but I usually push for after Halloween. Last weekend, my husband just laughing asked if I wanted to wait a week. He knows me too well.

So while our house is currently a winter wonderland, I thought it would be fun to do a series of blog posts showcasing my decorating style in our home with pictures I took before all the Christmas decorations went up. Welcome!

Like many of you, I have designed our small 1800 square ft home on a very small budget. Purchasing furniture and accessories from thrift stores, garage sales, and sometimes {if I'm really lucky} from what my friends no longer want for their homes. A can of spray paint can transform anything! We moved into our home eight years ago with the intention that we would only be here for four years. God had different plans for our family, and we're still here. Our home is nothing fancy. Just one of those cookie cutter homes in a subdivision of many similar designs.

I often feel the need for change in my life. A lot. I grew up moving around every couple of years, so living in one place for an extended period of time is foreign to me! Whenever I feel the need to switch things up in our house, I walk into my storage room/warehouse that holds all of our party decorations from past parties and go shopping among my party props!

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