Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Live Here.

Our main living area has a very open feel to it and all rooms open up to each other. Which makes it great for when we entertain because we can adjust the rooms accordingly. You won't see any toys in our living room, because I just don't like clutter. I've always known I was going to be a mom and I love being a mom, but sometimes I don't want the visual reminder. I like to feel as though this is my house too and not overtaken by the kids. So as much as possible, toys stay in the kids room. 

I think our piano is beautiful. We love it. You just have to be careful when your song calls for the key below middle c. That b sounds pretty harsh. The piano came from our church. They had a surplus of pianos and were renovating, we just had to move it down several flights of stairs and turn a bunch of corners in tight hallways. It weighs a ton so will never be moved again. I felt bad for our friends that helped us move it. It is ridiculously heavy. As you can tell, I love milk glass. I saw the milk glass lamp in a yard sale, and knew as soon as I saw it I would paint part of it a light green. The blue fan came from the same yard sale. Supposedly it works, I haven't tried it. I just loved the color and age on it.

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