Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Master Bedroom.

We've got great space in our master bedroom. As you can tell, we're avid collectors of movies and music. Since it is the largest bedroom in our house, it doubles as our family room. You can usually find someone hanging out - watching Netflix or drawing princesses on a sketch pad. We used to have two walk in closets for the master bedroom, but one year I got the idea to convert my husband's closet into an office. I rearranged my closet and moved his shirts and ties in with my dresses. I'm not crazy about the orange color we painted our converted office, but I'm too lazy to repaint it. Once again, it's the whole repainting issue!!! The white bedspread is from Target. The three throw pillows are all from Home Goods.

I experienced taking off wallpaper for the first time when I redid our bathroom. I spent many an hour in there scraping off paper that the original owner had put up. My husband would bring me sushi so I could take a break when it got tedious. In the two homes we've lived in over the ten years of our marriage, I've always displayed our black and white wedding pictures in our master bathroom. 

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