Friday, November 8, 2013

The Kid's Bedroom.

I love my kid's bedroom. It's probably been my favorite to design. They are six and four years old, and they have always shared a room. Over a year ago when our family went from three kids to two kids, I moved them into a larger bedroom of our home. I took apart their bunk beds and gave them a whole new room for less than a hundred dollars. 

Sixty dollars of that budget was spent on new bedding for my son, and another twenty spent on a gallon of avocado colored paint. My favorite features of the room are the old wooden doors that a friend gave me out of her barn and an old window that I put a map of the world in.  

I picked up the yellow Pepsi crate from an antique store for fifteen dollars. What gets displayed in there changes all the time depending on how my youngest daughter wants to decorate. She's starting to have her own opinion when it comes to fashion and interior design! 

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