Friday, December 27, 2013

One Kings Lane Resource Guide Review.

A couple days before Christmas, I got an email from Chloe with the online home décor retailer One Kings Lane. She asked me if I would help introduce their Home Décor Resource. They created this resource to inspire and educate home decor enthusiasts like myself when purchasing and reupholstering the perfect statement chair. Chloe asked if I would be willing to feature a statement chair from my home that reflects my personal style on my blog. I told Chloe, I'd love to help her out.

Then I started looking around my house, and realized that I don't have statement chairs. Literally, this chair is the only chair I could deem a statement piece of furniture. So, with this chair in mind I utilized One Kings Lane resource center as a guide to answer questions like: Which era is my chair from? Is it a centerpiece or an accent to the rest of the room? What design elements of the chair (pattern, texture, color, etc) do I love most?

This particular chair is known as a butler valet chair from the post 1950's. This chair sits in our hallway and is actually used as a time out chair for my two kids. The chair has a beautifully caned bottom, in very good condition. I not only love the way this chair looks, but I love the functionality behind the whole concept of this particular chair. This chair offers a perfect solution to the man in your life. Instead of tossing his suit jacket across the bed, he's got the perfect place to hang it up to avoid getting wrinkled.

As a person who really doesn't have many statement chairs in my house, I appreciated the advice One Kings Lane Resource Guide gives on how to incorporate statement furniture into any room. I've always loved seeing statement pieces in other people's homes, for some reason I just haven't incorporated many into my own. I think I would go for more of a solid base and contrast it with an accent pillows or curtains. In the words of One Kings Lane, "statement chairs are decor game-changers".

Coming out of the holiday season of entertaining, I really like the helpful tips One Kings Lane Resource Guide provides when choosing chairs for all our holiday dining. Tips that you know, but sometimes don't always think about. The importance of comfortable seating for you and your guests. Considering the space of your table and your dining room in relation to the number of guests you've invited. One Kings Lane Resource Guide also encourages us to not be afraid of mixing and matching different styles of furniture around your table.

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