Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Hymn Festival.

The music director of First United Methodist Church in downtown Conway, asked me to put together a reception after the Hymn Festival with other area church choirs. I knew right away that I wanted to collaborate with a friend of mine who has a detailed eye for arranging live centerpieces using what is currently blooming and in season.

Sure enough, as soon as I called her, she had a vision of what to do to make the centerpiece be the focal point of the table. It involved herbs and cabbages potted in terra cotta pots that she already had on her back porch, a galvanize watering can, blooming daffodils, and a little stone bunny. One of her daughters labeled each herb on cute garden stakes.

Leaving the floral decorations in the capable hands of Mary Long, allowed me to focus on what to serve two hundred guests. The directions was to serve something sweet and savory. We chose to serve Chex Mix and a couple varieties of cookies. To dress up the galvanized scoop in our Chex Mix bowl, we tied a simple ribbon on to the handle. We used the same ribbon to lace through one of our cake stands creating a unified look among the food. We purchased boxes of cream puffs, and dusted them with powdered sugar.

We picked up turquoise paper napkins from Target and tied a silk turquoise ribbon around the bunny's neck to tie the whole look of the table together.We decided to offer two varieties of beverages. We used a couple tall drink carafes and filled one with pink lemonade and the other with water. Freshly sliced lemons were added to both beverages.

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