Monday, March 3, 2014

My Favorite Color.

It's the month of March, and we're ready for Spring to arrive. Here in South Carolina, we're ready for warmer weather and for more color. Green lawns. Colorful flower beds. Hosting garden parties outside. However, that being said, I wanted to share with you that my favorite color is white. And there are several reasons why white is the perfect color. Particularly when entertaining. It's neutral. Sometimes you don't have a say in the venue location of your event. Using the color white automatically brings a sense of unity to your specific event and ties the venue together. You can chose to embrace the color white by going with a full on white color scheme. This can be accomplished by adding textural layers of white on top of each. A beautiful white pattern embroidered on top of an already white tablecloth. Down here in the south where monograms are very popular, it's beautiful to have a white monogram on a white cloth napkin. With the all white color scheme for your event, white or ivory flowers add another great textural element.

There is something so chic and elegant about the color white. It's also so simple. Clean. The color white can also be used as a blank canvas to let other colors pop. Using white as a base color can allow colorful floral arrangements make an even bigger statement. We love using white serving platters in the design for our dessert tables.  The white platters allows the food on the dessert table become a focal point. For us, white is a color we can utilize in our design concepts year around. It doesn't have to be reserved for one particular season.

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