Friday, April 4, 2014

A Celebration Of Life.

Cancer truly does suck. The death of a loved one is not much to celebrate, but the life that she lived is what is worth celebrating and remembering. Remembering how she lived life to the fullest and loved everyone she came into contact with.

It sort of amazed me how life continues even after the death of a loved one. I know her children and her grandchildren will never be the same, yet there will be a new normal as they begin life without their mom. I know that each of her children are experiencing profound suffering over the loss of their mother. She lived her life for her four kids.

This was definitely no ordinary memorial service. No black. Happy colors. We used a table runner that we had been given by another friend. The colors in the runner were perfect for remembering this special woman. Pink. Yellow. Pale Blue. 

One of the daughters had this beautiful sign enlarged in honor of her mother. It's a quote by Elizabeth Edwards, who also passed away from breast cancer. The beach was always one of this wonderful woman's favorite places to go, so this sign was perfect.

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