Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips For Making Your Own Crown Out Of Lace.

There are so many tutorials floating around on the internet so I thought this was going to be a pretty simple project. I was wrong. This isn't particularly a tutorial, as much as it is just tips for making your lace crown making process a little easier. It took us a couple tries {and a couple failed crowns in the garbage bin} to get the whole process right. So without further ado, here are our tips that worked for us:


  • The colors of the princess party, we were making the crowns for, were purple and white. We discovered that the color of the lace you use doesn't really matter. We purchased lavender colored lace but once you add fabric stiffener to the lace, it changes the shade and you will want to paint over it again with the proper color.
  • It's important to apply a thin coat of fabric stiffener. On our first attempt we doused the lace in the Modge Podge and ended up having wax paper stuck to the lace, which we couldn't remove once it had dried completely. Applying a thin coat of fabric stiffener also allows the detail of the lace to not get lost.
  • We stacked two layers of the same lace, but we prefer the look of two different laces together. The pattern difference with the two laces provides a depth to the crown that we didn't achieve using one lace pattern.
  • Take your time. In general, I struggle with patience, but it really does pay off when making a crown out of lace.We applied a couple coats of fabric stiffener and waited until the first coat was completely dry before we added the next coat.

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