Sunday, June 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

Our family is so thankful for the teachers our children have had. They play such a significant role in a child's life and really help make them who they are as adults. When I think back on my own teachers I had in elementary school, I can recall my fourth grade teacher and how special she was. She really allowed the children in her classroom to be creative. A teacher is an important person in a child's life.

Our kids are still young, so we've only had two years of teachers. We as the parents, appreciate the open communication the teachers give us and how they want our children to succeed as well. So for end of the school year as thank you gifts, we gave each of the teachers a plant. I failed to take pictures of the plants we gave to my daughter's two teachers, but this is the plant we gave to my son's teacher.

I just wrote on a piece of paper which I then glued to a paper straw. "Thank you for helping me grow this year." An appropriate sentiment considering we were gifting a plant. Since this particular plant can be replanted in the ground, I just wrapped the black plastic potting container in burlap and tied a fabric bow around it to make a little prettier. 

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