Saturday, June 28, 2014

How The Pineapple Is A Sign Of Hospitality.

I have always loved eating a fresh pineapple. On a trip out to Southland Nursery and Landscaping, here in Myrtle Beach, we were pleasantly surprised to see they had several pineapples growing. Walking around downtown it's common to see statues of pineapples carved out of stone sitting on front porches or on posts at the front of the driveway. This got me thinking about what a friend of mine told me years ago. The story of the pineapple down south...

The pineapple is viewed as a symbolic gesture of welcome. A southern custom, when the hostess would place a pineapple out on the table for her guests, this would send the message to her visitors that she was welcoming them into her home. The pineapple became a social status icon. Now you can find the pineapple interlaced throughout an older home's architectural design.

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