Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome To Our Flat In Hong Kong - The Living Room.

Small space living means everything in your house serves another purpose. Our living room gets turned into the kid's bedroom at night. Thankfully, we were able to one stop shop our way through the Ikea super store here in Hong Kong. We were able to completely furnish our home from their store, even down to the two live plants on our book shelf. White Ikea boxes store the sheets that we use at night for our kid's beds. The other boxes hold children's books we brought over in our suitcases from the United States, as well as craft supplies I felt I needed with me here in Hong Kong. Storage underneath the couch hold the different types of school uniforms that our two kids need in the morning, making it easy to grab and go on the week days. I have found that the key to successful and happy small space living is to stay organized and to keep everything in its proper place.

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