Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome To Our Flat In Hong Kong - Our Kitchen.

After a couple months of quiet on this blog, we are finally settled here in Hong Kong and today I'm introducing you to our flat. Our family of four has gone down to living in a space of less than four hundred square feet. Which means everything in our flat has to serve a purpose and we're happily adapting to small space living.

As soon as we walked into this particular flat we knew we were home. As you walk in our front door, you immediately get a view of the kitchen. I fell in love with the light that comes from the windows in the kitchen.

The kitchen also doubles as our laundry room. For the first time we have a washer/dryer combo which is stored underneath our refrigerator. The baker in me is sorely missing an oven, but we're planning on purchasing a convection oven a little larger than the size of a toaster oven to meet our baking needs. Chocolate chip cookies are calling my name and I need that oven! I'm finally becoming familiar with our induction stove top and after initially purchasing the wrong set of pots. I am now cooking all of our meals again from scratch for my family.

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