Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome To Our Flat In Hong Kong - Our Master Bedroom.

It's a bit of a joke to refer to our one and only bedroom as the master bedroom. With Ikea being the leading store in Hong Kong to purchase household items from, there is a long wait for specific items. The day I went and paid for the bulk of our Ikea items, I was told I could only pick from three beds. Everything was out of stock in all of the Hong Kong stores. A coworker of my husband's went a few weeks after me, and was told it would be a month before any bed was available to chose from. Then there's the additional wait time to have it delivered to your flat.

Since storage space to our family is extremely important and we're trying to accomodate the needs of four individuals instead of just one or two (which I feel like the flat is intended for) we have had to become creative. This particular bed from Ikea, lifts up and we've got plenty of storage space. Behind our bed is a wall full of floor to ceiling windows. Many of the flats in Hong Kong have deep set windows with a depth of several feet. We turned the wasted space of the window into the clothing closet for our two kids. We've hung a bar at the top which we have clothes hangers on and we've put two dressers with drawers on the window ledge for their folded clothing. You would never know what's behind the curtain when you first walk into the room.

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