Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome To Our Flat In Hong Kong - Our Bathroom.


The final room in our tiny flat is actually a room I find to be very beautiful. Floor to ceiling windows provide a beautiful view of the mountains that surround us. Fortunately we do have pull down shades to give us the necessary privacy! There is definitely a lot of glass in the bathroom and with little kids that equals a lot of smudges to wipe off. I love the glass and I smile at the smudges because it also means we're just living life. 

For the first time in our married life we also have a medicine cabinet above the sink. I've always turned my nose up at them, thinking that they just weren't very attractive, but I am now in love with the storage and convenience of what a medicine cabinet can do to expedite the whole getting ready process in the morning!

Since this is the final room in our house, thus concludes the tour. This has been the first time either my husband or I have lived in an apartment, and it's definitely a different experience from being a home owner. Primarily subtle differences and we're adapting very well. We love our new home and are thoroughly enjoying our new life here in Hong Kong.

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