Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costumes DIY.

The older my children {I should really say daughter} are the trickier it becomes to agree on Halloween costumes. Gone are the days when I can just pick the costume out without having to consult anyone. This year my daughter wanted to be a princess or a ballerina like all the other girls in her class. But my husband and I gave her a firm negative on that idea.

In keeping with our homemade Halloween costumes from past years, I knew I wanted to make the kid's costumes again this year. I miss having my large studio stocked with craft supplies back in Myrtle Beach. There are no stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or AC Moore here in Hong Kong, so finding what I needed to make the costumes proved to be a treasure hunt.

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday here in Hong Kong. When we learned that we would be moving to another country I secretly hoped that I wouldn't need to plan Halloween costumes for my kids. No such luck here. Instead I learn that parents have their kid's Halloween costumes custom made by professional tailors each year. There's no throwing a white sheet over your body and cutting holes out for the eyes to call yourself a ghost in order to garner sweets.

But that's not the case in our household. We cut holes out of white paper plates to make eyes for our stick figure costumes. After a trip to Gap Kids to purchase white pants for my son {bonus, the pants were on sale because it was the end of the season}, a trip to the stationary store for black marker, and a trip to the electronic store for three dollar black electrical tape, we were in business. 

This is a very economical costume that fortunately both our kids agreed upon. I differentiated between the two faces to keep them separated by gender.

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