Saturday, April 11, 2015

An Intimate Family Birthday Party.

As an event designer, I've always thrown parties for my two kids on their birthday. Some have been larger than others, but we've always had a party. I longed for the simplicity of a an intimate family birthday dinner to celebrate our children instead of doing something big. Personally, I really love small gatherings with the ones you truly love.

My son turned eight and finally my wish for a small birthday celebration was granted. We decided this year that we would not throw him a large birthday party because we are going to be flying to Korea for a long weekend so that he can see Paul McCartney in concert. He's ecstatic. The Beatles are his favorite band, with his top three songs being - Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, and All Together Now. Instead of spending the money that would have gone towards his party, instead it will be put towards the trip.

We were fortunate to have my parents visiting us here in Hong Kong for his birthday, which made the celebration that much sweeter. I hung up the "Happy Birthday" banner I made for his first birthday party and baked him a cake of his choice. He opened presents, spent the day exploring Noah's Ark, and ate chocolate cake! For all of us, it was a wonderfully simple celebration!!! My event designer heart breathes a quiet sigh of relief with how much I enjoyed the time together. But that being said, a party is still really fun too!!!!

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