Friday, May 25, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party - The Food.

We love small events. And since this specific birthday party was small, we limited the menu for the guests to a small dessert table. Fresh fruit, particularly fresh berries, automatically lends a wonderful vibe to any woodland party. We used waffle cones and filled them with blackberries, raspberries, granny smith apples, and strawberries. We fell in love with strawberry topiary's the first time we saw them at a cousins wedding. Since then, we've enjoyed incorporating them in a few of our events as well.


Trail mix is a unique food item to add to a woodland party, since it includes various nuts and dried fruit. We found our grocery stores carrying these cute Butterfly Cakes made by Little Debbie. These cakes offered a great pre-made/store bought food choice, to help cut down on the amount of work we needed to put into the party! We did make our own from scratch chocolate chocolate chip cookies that we served as well. Little "acorns" made from vanilla wafers, a chocolate chip, and a Hershey kiss also lent to the theme of the woodland event, and were a guest favorite. We asked a close friend of ours to make the raspberry macadamia nut cheesecake, and that was my personal favorite of the dessert table!

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