Friday, May 25, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party.

We had the opportunity to design a Butterfly Birthday Party for one sweet little girl who was turning three. To cover our tables, we used painters drop-cloths that can be purchased at Lowe's. We then layered burlap on top to give our tables more depth. My assistant went out into the woods with chainsaw in hand and cut me stumps that we then turned into serving stands for our desserts. The stumps really added so much to the general woodland feel of the event.

We love creating events on a budget. Real parties for real people. One way we like to keep our client's budget in mind, is to look around us to see what is available to us through nature. These beautiful white wild flowers are growing all over the side of the roads here in Myrtle Beach. The morning of this event, you could see us in our garden boots cutting these little flowers by the handful. Even the small jar of yellow flowers were growing wild, and gave our table a nice little pop of color.


Large ferns from Southland Nursery and Landscaping, flanked both sides of our dessert table. For this party we not only created butterflies out of fabric and wire, but we also covered a few butterfly forms we already had. We used vintage pink and yellow fabric. Some of the fabric came from dresses we picked up at the second hand store, that we cut and repurposed. Woodland creatures like rabbits and a toad also made an appearance on our table!

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  1. The burlap overlay and the tree stumps really do the trick! Such charming styling. :-)


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